Shopsmith Mark 520S


Shopsmith Mark 520S

The best version of a proven favorite since 1953

MARK V Model 520S with Pro Table System is the latest Generation of MARK V with the Same Quality Loved by More Than 600,000+ Owners.

For those who prefer a more mechanical, hands-on approach the MARK V offers 5 of the Most Important Tools for Woodworkers, D-I-Yers, and Homeowners alike.

Now 2 Great Ways to Buy! 1) Start at a lower price point by purchasing the Base Unit with Workspace Package. Then add Work Packages (Saw, Sand, Drill / Bore, Turn) as You need them. 2) Purchase the full package with Base Unit, Workspace Package and all 4 Work Packages for one low price.

Truly the Machine You can Start With & the System You can Grow With!

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Enjoy Our MARK 7 Videos To See Our Tools In Action

Shopsmith Mark 7

The Minute Overview

Watch this video for a quick 60-second overview of the Mark 7.

The Full Demonstration

Watch this video for an in-depth look at the features of the Mark 7.

5 Tools. 1 Machine. A Lifetime of Results

10” Table Saw

12” Disc Sander

34” Lathe

Horizontal Boring Machine

16-1/2” Vertical Drill Press

Shopsmith MARK V 520S
10” Table Saw

Power, Accuracy and Versatility Provide Professional Results.

Every woodworking project begins by ripping and crosscutting your components to size. A top-quality table saw is vital to achieving the results you want. The Shopsmith MARK V 520S, 10″ Table Saw has the power, speed, and accuracy your project needs to achieve precise, smooth, burn-free cuts every time. Easy to install optional Floating Extension Tables provide unparalleled workspace surface and when not needed, store away on the wall so that they are not taking up valuable shop floor space.

Plus, the Shopsmith’s 10″ diameter blade and powerful motor give you an ample depth-of-cut and up to 1-1/8 HP of raw muscle to zip through stock up to 3-1/4″ thick.

  • 700 RPM to 5200 RPM Variable Speed Drive
  • 98″ Ripping Capacity With Optional Floating Extension Tables
  • 95″ Of Back-to-Front Support With Optional Floating Extension Tables
  • Miter Gauge Safety Grip Allows 5X Gripping Power
  • Self-Aligning, Double-Locking Rip Fence

Shopsmith’s Quill Micro-Feed feature can be used to micro-adjust the saw blade when you need super-precise cuts like shaving dado slots or grooves for a snug fit, and when you need to create tight fitting tenons or adjust miter cuts.
(MARK V 520S shown with optional extension tables)

Shopsmith MARK V 520S
12” Disc Sander

Effortless Operation That Smoothes Out The Rough Edges.

The Shopsmith MARK V 520S, 12” Disc Sander is truly in a class by itself. No other disc sander (including big money commercial units) offers the extensive assortment of work-saving features and benefits. Shopsmith’s quill feed feature, you can actually move the Disc up to 4-1/4″ toward or away from your stationary workpiece. This unique feature allows you to make quick, easy micro-adjustments when sanding single or multiple components to a precise, identical dimension.

  • Large 17-1/2” x 22” Tilting Worktable (Before Optional Extensions)
  • Infinitely variable Speed Range Between 700 and 5200 rpm
  • Flexible Dust Collection Capabilities
  • Included Miter Gauge and Rip Fence For Quick Fixturing

The Shopsmith MARK V 520S, 12″ Disc Sander provides best in class performance and options. With a giant 17″x22″ tilting worktable plus optional floating extension tables, quill micro-feed and variable speed at the turn of a dial, this 12″ Disc Sander gives you all the capabilities to improve the precision of your work and save you time.

Shopsmith MARK V 520S
34” Lathe

Bring Out Your Inner Artist Using The Shopsmith Lathe.

Lathe woodturning is relaxing, enjoyable and gives you immediate results. Imagine the feeling of creating a beautifully crafted platter, bowl, vase or similar object on the MARK V 520S lathe that you shaped and smoothed yourself. Just apply finish and they’re ready to admire!

And, if you’re like many other woodworkers, you’ll also use the MARK V 520S lathe for those money-saving D-I-Y projects or ultimate new creations such as:

  • Chair and Table Legs
  • Spindles for Beds and Porches
  • Stair Railings
  • Posts for Fences or Mailboxes
  • Holiday and Birthday Gifts
  • And, Many Other Applications

The Full-Featured Shopsmith MARK V 520S Lathe offers generous diameter and between-center capacities, so it can handle faceplate turnings big enough to make large salad bowls or spindles long enough for table legs or stair spindles.

Shopsmith MARK V 520S
Horizontal Boring

Convenient Precision and Repeatability That Saves Time.

Horizontal Boring Machines are major time-savers for a lot of different jobs. If you don’t believe that or have never heard of a horizontal boring machine, just ask an experienced cabinetmaker. The most obvious application for this machine set-up is doweling. Tilt your worktable to 20° and you have a built-in fixture for screw pockets.

And of course, as with all operations the variable speed feature (700 to 5200 rpm) of the PowerPro Smart Motor lets you match your machine’s speed to the wood species and drill bit diameter for smoother holes without burning. Even the expensive commercial boring machines don’t offer this kind of variable speed flexibility!

  • Electronic Variable Speed
  • Large 17-1/2” x 22” Worktable Before Extensions
  • Center Drilling in the Horizontal Position
  • Horizontal Mortising Capabilities
  • Adjustable Quill Feed Depth-Of-Cut Dial and Lock
  • Included Miter Gauge and Rip Fence For Quick Fixturing

Thanks to its unique table system, the accuracy of the Shopsmith MARK V 520S Horizontal Boring Machine stands toe-to-toe with commercial models.

Shopsmith MARK V 520S
16-1/2” Drill press

Loads of Muscle. Infinitely Variable Speed.

The Shopsmith MARK V 520S Drill Press Work Package combines extended work holding capacity, easy speed changes and superior versatility to provide an exceptional drill press, designed specifically for woodworkers. With a motor that delivers up to 1-1/8 horsepower and an amazing infinitely variable speed range of 700 to 5200 rpm – and you can change speeds at the turn of a dial.

With the MARK V 520S Drill Press, Drill to the center of a piece of stock up to 16-1/2″ in diameter. The Front-Tilting Worktable gives you infinite left-to-right capacity. Tilt your worktable to 20° and you have a built-in fixture for screw pockets. The optional Rip Fence will guide your workpiece for in-line drilling and your optional Miter Gauge can act as a workpiece stop or angle guide. Enjoy 25″ of chuck-to-worktable surface distance and 58″ of chuck-to-floor distance.  Get a full 4-1/4″ of up-down spindle travel controlled by a convenient, graduated hole depth indicator and easy-to-set adjustable depth stop. This MARK V 520S Drill Press has plenty of capacity, even for your biggest jobs!

  • Drill Wood, Plastics, and Metals
  • Twin, Non-Twisting Support Columns
  • Tilts from 0° to 90°
  • Infinitely Variable Speeds within 700 to 5200 rpm
  • Optional Miter Gauge and Rip Fence Make for Quick Fixturing

Get the most out of the Shopsmith Drill Press. While other machines sacrifice workspace, speed or spindle travel – the Shopsmith MARK V 520S Drill Press offers a wide range of capabilities without sacrificing the performance you expect.

Let Us Build You a Shopsmith Today

Shopsmith is ready to build you a new MARK 520S! You will enjoy a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Try your new Shopsmith in your own home shop for a full 90 days. Use it to build any project – as many as you like. Then, if you don’t agree that it’s all we’ve said, simplify notify us and we’ll tell you how to return it.

557501 MARK V 520S Base Multi-purpose Machine with Conventional Motor + Workspace Package

$3,478.00Add to cart

557500 MARK V 520S Complete Package with Base Multi-Purpose Machine with Conventional Motor, Workspace Package + All 5 Work Packages

$4,199.00Add to cart

Read more about MARK V MODEL 520S Work Packages here


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Enjoy All the Woodworking Capabilities You Could Want
— in the Space You Have Now!

The Individual Tool Workshop

The left side of this diagram shows how the collective storage footprint required to house just 7 of the common tools in a Workshop will promptly boot one of your family cars right out of the garage! Plus, you’ll have loads of time-consuming tool shuffling to do before you can start enjoying your shop time.

The Compact Shopsmith Workshop

The right side of this diagram shows how the Shopsmith Multi-purpose Tool shop (including every tool you see in the left side of the diagram, plus more) stows neatly away on the floor and on a shop-made, wall-mounted shelf…occupying just 2 feet x 6 feet of floor space along the front of the garage. Plenty of room to work without excess tool shuffling — and ample space for two family cars.

Individual tools workshop

Shopsmith workshop

Space saving diagram

No other power tool on the Market can Match Shopsmith’s Space-saving Convenience and Awesome Versatility. None.

Changing from Tool-to-Tool is Quick, Simple, and Takes Only Seconds


Only 1 Machine to Learn, Not 5

Quick-acting locks, wheels, wingnuts, and handles provide for rapid tool positioning and lock down – and all spindle-mounted accessories can be attached and removed with just one tool— the 5/32″ allen wrench that comes with your Machine.

In fact, after only a short amount of time working with your Shopsmith, you’ll begin to notice that your projects will flow more smoothly from one operation to the next as your experience guides you to work with increasing efficiency!


1 Machine, 7 Tools, Quick & Easy Changeovers. WATCH THE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO

“I’ve heard the objections (about changeovers) many times from people who don’t own a Shopsmith— but I have never heard it from Shopsmith Owners!”

Fred Wescott
North Scituate, MA

Switch from Tool to Tool in Under 3 Minutes

Ask any Shopsmith Owner about changeovers and you’ll quickly be told that the issue practivally never enters their mind. Changeovers become second nature and are normal steps you take to complete your project. (Note: PowerPro Smart Motor shown with Drill Press)

Drill Press to Lathe
Lathe to Table Saw
Table Saw to Disc Sander
Horizontal Boring Machine to Drill Press
Disc Sander to Horizontal Boring Machine

Experience the Purposely-Engineeered Mark V 520S

One Set of Controls for all 5 Tools!

Shopsmith MARK 520S has many carefully-engineered features that make it easier for you to use than the individual tools it replaces and help you achieve better results, too!


The MARK V Model 520S with Pro-Table System delivers a 1,298 Square Inches of workpiece support. Add to this, it’s rigid die cast, precision machined aluminum worktable and extension table, both with extruded aluminum rails with quick locking knobs.

    Large Versatile Worktable With big 17-1/2″ x 22″ work surface with contrasting saw table insert. Tilts 90-deg left and 45-deg right. Used for Sawing, Sanding, Drilling and Boring.

    Large Extension Table 7-1/2” x 22 work surface. Mounts on either end of the machine. More support for ripping 4′ x 8′ plywood sheets in half. Used for crosscutting even the longest boards.

    Wide Tie Bar Supports the Worktable Dual tilt locks at the front and rear of the table gives added stability. The wide tube stance allows for dust collection when sawing and sanding.

    Table Carriage The Table Carriage comes with sturdy quarter-turn locks to secure the table in position. The hand wheel and lock allows You to easily move the table up and down to secure it where You want it.

    Conventional Smart Motor – Die cast Aluminum shell with a time-tested mechanical speed changer (Reeves Drive). Built to last!

    See-Through Upper Saw Guard Comes with etched-in depth-of-cut indicators, European-style riving knife, anti-kickback device and tool-free installation.

    Main Power Switch Child-proof with detachable key to prevent accidental starts

    Variable Speed Control Rotating handle for easy speed selection from 700 to 5200 RPM.

    Lower Saw Guard The Lower Saw Guard accommodates Shopsmith’s 12″ sanding disc. Includes 2-1/2″ diameter dust collection port for both sawing and sanding.

More Features

    Push Stick, Assorted Allen Wrenches, Safety Googles and Comprehensive Owners Manual.

Standard Accessories
You’ll Love How Quickly You Can Get Started!


Upper & Lower Saw Guards
Includes built-in dust collection port and see-through upper guard with riving knife. Dual, cam-style pawls prevent kickbacks.

Award Winning Push Stick
Keeps Your hands out of harms way

Safety Goggles
Wrap-around style with ventilated sides – work over glasses without fogging.

Allen Wrenches
The only tools you will need to change operations.

Extension Table With Base
Adds workpiece support either to the left or right of your table.

Comprehensive Owners Manual
Complete step-by-step instructions that will guide you through assembly, getting started and on your way to successful project completion.

Make every job faster & Easier using Shopsmith’s shared features

Shared Features

Unlike individual stationary power tools, The Shopsmith uses the same components (Motor, Speed Control, Worktable, Extension Tables, Rip Fence, Miter Gauge, etc.) for practically every operation. As a result, you’ll enjoy a host of powerful work-saving features and benefits that just aren’t available with individual stationary tool counterparts. Here are just a few examples which can be enjoyed as You add Work Packages and other accessories.

A single set of controls makes learning easier
because You’ll only need to learn how to work with one set of controls instead of a different set for each of the five tools. That means you’ll learn how to produce better results with your MARK V 520S and do it with far less practice than you would with the five individual tools.

A giant, full-tilting 17-1/2″ x 22″ Worktable
that tilts front-to-back and can be expanded significantly with stationary extension table and floating extension tables (If added separately). The main table offers dual miter gauge slots, a super-versatile optional rip fence and optional interchangeable table inserts for drum sanding, routing, shaping, molding, dadoing, etc. You’ll never see a worktable this large with this much versatility on another drill press or disc sander.

Infinitely variable speeds between 750 – 5200 RPM
allows you to instantly change your speed to perfectly align with the operation You are performing. And, if You don’t know the right speed, a circular scale with popular speeds is built-into the speed control handle. All with no bothersome guards to remove or belts to change.

With the unique features of a drill press
you can make micro-adjustments when sawing, dadoing, or routing that are faster and easier. Another great feature you can borrow from the Drill Press includes the ability to move your sanding disc to the workpiece rather than vice-versa to more accurately size your stock for individual projects and creates greater stability with no workpiece movement. No other table saw or disc sander offers these features!

A single, 1-1/8 (at 120 volts) Motor
that gives plenty of torque throughout its infinitely variable speed range to tackle your toughest woodworking tasks without having to pay for a separate, costly motor for each of the five tools Your MARK V 520S replaces. Motors this powerful are typically only offered on commercial machines with big price tags!

Shopsmith Owner Testimonials

I have been a Shopsmith owner for over 30 years…Simply put, I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Every time I seem to need a tool for something, I look at my Shopsmith and say ‘It can do that’… It’s the best, most comprehensive tool I’ve ever invested in.

– T. Peter, Florida (via email)


Shopsmith gives you 5 of the most valuable woodworking tools for your shop, in 1 powerful platform. Click any of the buttons below to see the key details that make Shopsmith the best tool to create breathtaking results.

Enjoy All the Quality of the 5 Most Important Tools in Woodworking

  • MARK 520S



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With a great workspace and up to 1-1/8 HP of Muscle, the MARK V Model 520S and MARK 4 can handle your largest, toughest sawing projects with ease. Speed control will reduce burning and save sanding time.
Includes: Saw Blade, Saw Arbor, Rip Fence, Miter Gauge & Safety Grip
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The large worktable, non-twist, twin-column support, exceptional muscle and the industry’s broadest speed range makes the Shopsmith Drill Press exceptional to operate.

The design of this quality, hard-to- find tool, provides the unique opportunity to lay the workpiece flat on its surface to bore the sides and ends of the piece with stability that regular drill presses just simply can’t provide.

Includes: Drill Chuck with Key, 5–Piece Premium Brad Point Drill Bits
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No other sander has the available work piece support as the Shopsmith Sander. Use the Quill Feed to move the disc into the work piece for even better results. You will be amazed at how easy making pieces to size will become.
Includes: 12” Steel Sanding Disc & Hub, High Quality 6-Piece Assorted Sandpaper Discs
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Large enough capacities to turn huge salad bowls, goblets, and stools. Yet intricate enough to turn pens and bottle stoppers. With industry leading speed range, roughing operations are easy. Speed changes quick and simple. Double way tubes keep the tool rest parallel to the workpiece as you move across the spindle.
Includes: Tool Rest, Tail Stock, Drive Center, Cup Center
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Let Us Build You a Shopsmith Today

Shopsmith is ready to build you a new a New MARK! Get The All-Inclusive Package Today!


Base Multi-Purpose Machine, Conventional Smart Motor,
Workspace Package & All 5 Work Packages
$4364 When Sold Separately
Buy Now!

Extend your Workspace for Maximum Work Area

  EXTEND Nice and Roomy. You will enjoy the added workspace which will create better precision by providing more control over larger work pieces. No Extra Space Required Because You can quickly store them on a wall until you need them again.
Includes: Two Floating Extension Tables, Four 27” Connecting Tubes, Two Telescoping Legs
Buy Now!

Let Us Build You a Shopsmith Today

Shopsmith is ready to build you a new MARK 520S! You will enjoy a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Try your new Shopsmith in your own home shop for a full 90 days. Use it to build any project – as many as you like. Then, if you don’t agree that it’s all we’ve said, simplify notify us and we’ll tell you how to return it.

Shopsmith MARK V MODEL 520S Base Unit with Workspace Package and all 4 Work Packages 557500

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Shopsmith MARK V MODEL 520S Base Unit with Workspace Package 557501

$3,478.00Add to cart

Read more about MARK V MODEL 520S Work Packages here


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